PET Flake Unit Machine

PET Flake Crusher
PET Flake Crusher
    Name: PET Flake Crusher
    Capacity: 500 - 2000 Kgs/h
    NO. of Rotary Blade: 8 - 16 pcs
    NO. of Fixed Blade: 3 - 6 pcs
    Rotor Diameter: Φ 500 - 800 mm
    Power: 45 - 110 Kw
    Size of Feeding Hopper: 500×500, 500×1000,
    700×1000, 800×1200 mm
    Model: HD 600 - 800
    Capacity: 700 - 3000 Kgs/h
    Water Content of Product: 1.5 - 3 %
    Dimension : 1322×1583×1900;
    Power: 15 - 55 Kw
    Weight: 5000 Kgs
Continous Rinsing Process
Continous Rinsing Process
    Genernal Introduction:
      the main concept of the process is to achieve further separation
    of impurities,removal of residual chemicals on the surface of bottles
    in the preceding hot flotation process, and some suspended matters
    separated by friction. Add clean water to conduct final thorough
    washing for bottle flakes, to ensure the cleanness and transparency
    of bottle flake.
Floating Separator
Floating Separator
    Name: Floating Separator
    Function: To remove the suspended solid and wash dirt
      on the surface of flakes.
    Length: 4500 mm
    Width: 1500 mm
    Height: 2000 mm
    Material: SS
    Power: 20.3 kW
Bottle Prewashing Machine
Bottle Prewashing Machine
    Name: Bottle Prewashing Machine
    Function: Wash the surface of bottles, to remove sand,
      oil, mud and other contaminations. To make the
      PVC bottles turn milky for easier sorting.
      mud and other contaminations. To make the PVC
      bottles turn milky for easier sorting.
    Diameter: 3000 mm
    Length : 6000 mm
    Power: 16 Kw
Label Scrapping Machine
Label Scrapping Machine
    Name: Label Scrapping Machine
    Function: Tear the PVC and other plastic labels.
    No. of Blades: 80 pcs
    No. of Screws: 285 pcs
    Diameter of Rotor: 800 mm
    Power: 30 kW
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