PET Bottle Recycling Line

  •   It is designed for recycled PSF and its material is clean and without label. It is used to recycle small capacity and stable quality raw material. The following is the process chart.

PET - 0.3 PET Bottle Recycling Line (Material: Clean and without label)

PET Bottle Recycling Machine
  • No. Item Usage Quality Remark
    1 Feeder Feeder 1 CS
    2 Crusher Crush the bottle 1 CS
    3 Screw Conveyer Feeder 1 SS or CS
    4 Hot Washer Clean with hot water 1 SS or CS
    5 Screw Conveyer Feeder 1 SS or CS
    6 Friction Machine Clean 1 SS or CS
    7 Floating Washer Clean with cooling water 2 SS or CS
    8 Dryer Dry the PET flake 1 SS or CS
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